Class in Glass

Class in Glass is a proposal for the first lingerie boutique of a prestigious Catalan designer in Barcelona. It seeks to highlight the pieces and present them in an elegant way in this exclusive shop in Passeig de Gràcia.
Glass – in its highest expression – is the material that infuses elegance to this store just over fifty meters square. Various displays and hangers made of translucent white glass are held by a rail that runs through the whole perimeter of the shop, which is rendered with mirrors. Thus, the shop appears larger, whilst the reflected image is veiled by the second layer of tempered glass. These elements in white glass present the seasonal collections, the swimwear and accessories.
In the centre, positioned lengthwise, an open counter works as a showcase and a top for the sale; whilst two changing rooms with elegant and hefty drapes are located at the back, along with the stock room. The lighting of the shop seeks, on one hand, indrect and general lighting, whilst on the other, a very technical and controlled lighting running along the roof rail, focused on the pieces.


Carles Sala and Relja Ferusic




Barcelona, Spain


55 m2


October 2014